Blockchain of Things

Blockchain of Things, Build Digital Trust Society.

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Technical Highlights

Blockchain-Driven Computing Framework for IoT


Efficient and Secure Device and Data Management. Re-Build relationship of human to device and device to device (D2D). Establish digital trust society infrastructure.

High Reliability Distributed Data Storage

Divide and slice files and data massively. Replace centralization with distribution. Eliminate single-point failure. Enhance data reliability and privacy.

Digitalization and Distribution of Resources and Trust


Incentivze idle computing resources around us. Establish infrastructure for digital trust. Empower truly digitalized sharing economy.


Products and Solutions

Blockchain of Things Solution

Migrant your services to Blockchain smoothly with our One-Stop Blockchain of Things Solution.

Efficient BaaS Platform

Blockchain as a Service Platform brings your data and IoT devices on-chain in a mouse click.

Database with High Reliablility and Fidelity

Blockchain-based Data Storage for high reliability and fidelity. Sliced storage gives better protection for your valuable data assets.

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